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Emotional Vulnerability to Supercharge Learning

Vulnerable Teaching

In the summer of 2019, I spoke with hundreds of students and educators about the role of vulnerability in learning. In my wildest dreams, I could never have expected such an outpouring of support and engagement. Learners of all levels sent me emails, followed up with their own stories, and inquired on tools to make the classroom more authentic.

Since then, I’ve worked tirelessly to experiment with authentic teaching – bringing my whole self to the classroom and giving space and security for students to do the same. Only when students are free to be themselves and fully connect with classmates are they able to meet their full potential.

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Coach. Mentor. Friend. 

Teach with the Heart Workshops

Expert Guidance

Traditional teacher training focuses on creating SMART lesson plans and meeting core objectives. But this doesn't fully prepare you for the complex social dynamics of a classroom. How do we create a strong classroom culture? How do we build professional yet meaningful relationships with students? In these collaborative workshops, you'll learn and hone strategies to bring vulnerability and authenticity into the classroom. 

Teacher Mentorship

The Path to Success

You got into teaching because you love learning and helping people. So why does it often feel so lonely? As social creatures, we learn best together. Only through critical discussion and reflection can you get a balcony-view understanding of your teaching.

In one-on-one coaching, we will work together to identify your problems and seek concrete solutions. 

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